I’ve been working on various shard instances for my troubador, Valencin lately. He only has two pieces of shard gear so far, but they’re very good and I’d like to get some more. It seems like I have trouble finding a lot of shard groups – maybe it’s just my playing time (which is mostly during the day) but it seems that half the time if I get a group, it falls apart. Today I grouped with some people from Guardians of Drinal and we went to Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken. It’s a fairly tough zone with some tricky names in it, and we had trouble killing them – we had a solid group but just couldn’t pull it off. I ended up getting one shard at least, so it was better than nothing. I also found some really nice chain leggings with a nasty Undead Bane proc – against undead they are basically better than my shard armor, especially as they have a mental debuff proc and nearly all of a troubador’s damage is mental. Quite nice.

Personally I’m looking forward to the idea of shard rewards for solo quests – the groups are a good idea but there needs to be another option for people who play on lower population servers or just at strange times. Supposedly these are going to be added in a future update, and I’m all for it.


Dis ogre be writin’ down some tings again – I know it be a long time since de last time. I be adventurin’ some in de lands again an’ havin’ a lot of fun. Today I be explorin’ de Kunzar Jungle mostly, it be big place an’ got a lot of peoples dat need help! I be helpin’ dem an’ gettin’ lots of gold too! I be helpin’ dese monks, an’ fightin’ against dem for dese titles, like Clay an’ Rock.

I not be much of a monk, dey got all dis trainin’ an’ fight real good. I jus’ bash stuff on de head mostly, so I don’t got de monk style. It like dis brigand joke I hear – de swashbucklers, dey got de fancy moves. If dey need to kill someone dey sneak in, swing in on a rope, wave de fancy sword, an’ kill de man.  If a brigand need to do same job, we jus’ grab a brick an’ wait till dey pass by, den smash dem with it. I guess dat why dere not be many ogre swashbucklers.

I also go to dis scary place deep in de ground – I think it be called de Vault of Eternal Sleep. I not be feelin’ very sleepy dere, so I don’ know why dey call it dat. Still, it be fun adventure an’ real fast, we kill some dese ghosts an’ spirits. It a little scary but a good trip.

Dere some other news too – my friend Valencin de halfie bard, he finish dis long quest he be workin’ on, an’ get some big weapon – he call it an “epic” but it look like an axe to me. He be real happy about it, anyways!

Dat all for now – I talk to you laters!

This is a bit late as an update, but I finally got my troubador Valencin to level 80 several days ago. As always, I have a bit of a bounceback from all the grinding I did to get there, and I’ve mostly been messing around with alts lately. I made a new conjuror, a class I’ve always wanted to try, and really like it so far.

I will need to bring Anakh out of the closet again now that Val is 80, as a brigand Anakh can certainly tear through the solo content in RoK a lot better than Val could!

On Saturday my guild was going to raid Emerald Halls, but we didn’t have the healing power so we took a trip to the Shard of Hate for a trash run. I brought Valencin, my troubador along, and it was a lot of fun, plus it was my first visit there. We bashed our way through scorn fiends and those annoying walking chests (why don’t they drop themselves more often?) and got a couple of nice masters for some guildies, and I got a really nice intelligence earring to boot.

I definitely miss these guild events when I’m not playing, it’s fun to just joke around and laugh, but still get the job done. Looking forward to the next one!

I always have an on-again, off-again love with EQ2. I will play the game hard for a good while, but then I will get tired of it and burned out, and quit MMOs and go out and do other stuff. Then after a while I will come back. I am back on the upswing now and back in game – so I will start updating the blog again soon!

I had a great time last night, adventuring in Vault of Eternal Sleep and Maidens with a (mostly) guild group as well as couple of other great folks. It was fun to just blast through there and joke around on Ventrilo without taking it too seriously – too often in pickup groups people seem so serious. Also, we killed Drusella Sathir which was a personal first for me, the fight went quite smoothly.

I installed a new video card last night and it’s making a huge difference in game, I’m running around in Very High Quality or Extreme Quality with good frame rates, though those drop a lot in a highly populated area. I took a screenshot of Valencin, my bard, and it came out pretty well I think. Halflings for the win!

It was quite a busy weekend for me in EQ2. My troubador raided Freethinkers on Friday night with my guild, and it went very well. On Saturday I managed to hit Vault of Eternal Sleep, Crypt of Agony, and went deep into Sebilis to help a guildmate with an epic update. Unfortunately on the last we failed, literally inches from our target. (We’ll get it soon!) On Sunday I joined a group to slay Xalgoz which I hadn’t done before, and dinged 77 on my troubador. It was especially nice since I had several pieces of gear I could finally equip at 77, so I’ve done quite a bit of upgrading.

I’ll be working on Anakh some this week, as he’s gone to the wayside in terms of levelling and quest completion. It’s hard to find blog posts since he hasn’t been adventuring as much, but I’ll try to stick with it!