Hallo dere! I tell yous, I be travellin’ all over de place since de last time I write. I be helpin’ out some de nice people from Raven Guard, an’ some new friends I meet, to get dose nice epic weapons. It be fun to help peoples – plus I get some tings too! Let’s see where I been in de last couple days – de Crypt o’ Agony, de Sebilis, dis place called Maidens, de Vaults o’ sleep, Neriak to kill dese bad guys, de Kunzar Jungle, dis real funny place called Chelsith dat smell real bad, Karnor Castle, an’ de Teren’s Grasp. I tink dat be all of dem, but mebbe I miss a few! Dat a lot of world travellin’! Mebbe I stay home for a little while with big mug of ale – I earn it!