I’ve been working on various shard instances for my troubador, Valencin lately. He only has two pieces of shard gear so far, but they’re very good and I’d like to get some more. It seems like I have trouble finding a lot of shard groups – maybe it’s just my playing time (which is mostly during the day) but it seems that half the time if I get a group, it falls apart. Today I grouped with some people from Guardians of Drinal and we went to Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken. It’s a fairly tough zone with some tricky names in it, and we had trouble killing them – we had a solid group but just couldn’t pull it off. I ended up getting one shard at least, so it was better than nothing. I also found some really nice chain leggings with a nasty Undead Bane proc – against undead they are basically better than my shard armor, especially as they have a mental debuff proc and nearly all of a troubador’s damage is mental. Quite nice.

Personally I’m looking forward to the idea of shard rewards for solo quests – the groups are a good idea but there needs to be another option for people who play on lower population servers or just at strange times. Supposedly these are going to be added in a future update, and I’m all for it.