Dis ogre be writin’ down some tings again – I know it be a long time since de last time. I be adventurin’ some in de lands again an’ havin’ a lot of fun. Today I be explorin’ de Kunzar Jungle mostly, it be big place an’ got a lot of peoples dat need help! I be helpin’ dem an’ gettin’ lots of gold too! I be helpin’ dese monks, an’ fightin’ against dem for dese titles, like Clay an’ Rock.

I not be much of a monk, dey got all dis trainin’ an’ fight real good. I jus’ bash stuff on de head mostly, so I don’t got de monk style. It like dis brigand joke I hear – de swashbucklers, dey got de fancy moves. If dey need to kill someone dey sneak in, swing in on a rope, wave de fancy sword, an’ kill de man.  If a brigand need to do same job, we jus’ grab a brick an’ wait till dey pass by, den smash dem with it. I guess dat why dere not be many ogre swashbucklers.

I also go to dis scary place deep in de ground – I think it be called de Vault of Eternal Sleep. I not be feelin’ very sleepy dere, so I don’ know why dey call it dat. Still, it be fun adventure an’ real fast, we kill some dese ghosts an’ spirits. It a little scary but a good trip.

Dere some other news too – my friend Valencin de halfie bard, he finish dis long quest he be workin’ on, an’ get some big weapon – he call it an “epic” but it look like an axe to me. He be real happy about it, anyways!

Dat all for now – I talk to you laters!