It was quite a busy weekend for me in EQ2. My troubador raided Freethinkers on Friday night with my guild, and it went very well. On Saturday I managed to hit Vault of Eternal Sleep, Crypt of Agony, and went deep into Sebilis to help a guildmate with an epic update. Unfortunately on the last we failed, literally inches from our target. (We’ll get it soon!) On Sunday I joined a group to slay Xalgoz which I hadn’t done before, and dinged 77 on my troubador. It was especially nice since I had several pieces of gear I could finally equip at 77, so I’ve done quite a bit of upgrading.

I’ll be working on Anakh some this week, as he’s gone to the wayside in terms of levelling and quest completion. It’s hard to find blog posts since he hasn’t been adventuring as much, but I’ll try to stick with it!