Anakh has been spending a lot of time on the shelf these days – when I’m not working on his crafting I’m mostly playing Valencin, my bard. Part of this is that Val is much more useful to the guild for raids, since we’re short on bards, and I felt it would be best to focus on one character to get to 80, rather than muddle along slowly on both. It’s been fun, though with the Kunark quest-oriented style, it’s brutal for a troubador, whose solo ability is pretty bad compared to a brigand’s. Val got to 75 last night after a fun run through Crypt of Agony. I really enjoy playing him in groups, not so much solo. I’m just hoping I can eventually level into all the nice gear I’m collecting! I found a Burdened Signet last night (really nice caster/bard ring) and I can’t wait to use it!

I’ve made a promise to myself to let Anakh do some adventuring at least once a week so I’m sure you’ll be seeing him around the lands soon enough.