So I’ve been dabbling with a couple of characters on the test server. As much as I love Antonia Bayle and my guild, I’m enthralled with the idea of a totally self-sufficient character that Test offers. There’s a really neat community there, and even though it’s small, people tend to be willing to help you out much more often than in the regular servers. I especially like that almost everyone joins one chat channel, Test, and there’s always discussions and jokes and whatnot – it’s sort of like one big guild chat for the whole server.

You get a 50% experience boost on Test, which if anything is too much at low levels, I’m imagining myself flying through the levels MUCH faster than AAs, so I may have to do something about that. Right now I’m playing a low level necromancer and having a lot of fun – if you’re on Test, say hello to Lasiin, I’ll probably be the one fleeing from a pack of angry monsters.