A discussion that was going on last night on the Radio Free Norrath channel made me start thinking about how many races are roleplayed in EQ2. We started talking about good and evil in EQ2, as in pretty much all RPGs, are treated simplistically with not much of a grey area between them. That led to talk about how the races in EQ2 are generally roleplayed. I guess the main problem I have is the idea that an entire race of people could generally have the same outlook on the world, or even the same personality traits. I understand that the designers of the game have to make things simple and let the players flesh them out, but based on what we know of humanity, the idea that essentially everyone is the same is crazy!

I think the Tier’dal, the dark elves, are a good example of this. There are a lot of excellent roleplayers who play dark elf characters, and some not so good ones. But for me at least it’s fairly rare to find one who doesn’t fit the general description of xenophobic, full of hate (understandable with Innoruuk,) and obsessed with demonstrating Dark Elf superiority over other races. I’m not saying any of this is wrong, only that it would be nice to see a bit more of a range for individual expression. The same thing seems to be true, to a greater or lesser degree, with other races.

Playing Anakh as an ogre, along with other ogre characters I have, is a challenge. Ogres are a pretty rare race in terms of the player population of EQ2, and there are even fewer roleplaying ogres.  Beyond the stereotype of “dumb brutes who you don’t want to make angry,” where else can you go with them? I’ve tried to take Anakh down a different path, and I know some others on Antonia Bayle have done the same. But with so few roleplaying ogres, it’s hard to have a shared background and a lot of detailed lore as some other races have. I’m sure many other “rare” races in the game have the same problem as well.

Is this something you’ve run into?