I be in de mood to tell a story today, I be tellin’ some people dis last night an’ it make me think, mebbe I write it down here too. Dis be back when I still a young adventurer, an’ fightin’ in Nektulos Forest to get dat halberd which de Dragoon give out. I be fightin’ with some peoples I just meet, in de little castle near de beach dere in de forest, and we waitin’ an’ waitin’ for dis bad skeleton to wake up. So dis elf, he start tellin’ all about his family history an’ how his family be some de noblest in de whole Feir’dal clan. Of course I be raised by a Tier’dal, so I sayin’ how dey de best. He callin’ me stupid ogre an’ all dese other names, always talkin’ bout how de Feir’dal be de best. Well after a while, he cast dis spell an’ turn into a bear right before my eyes! I never seen anyone turnin’ into bear before, back in dose days, so I be real surprised. He still talkin’ like an elf tho, an’ still talkin’ about de same tings. Finally I say dat he must be new kind of elf, a Bear’dal, cause he an elf dat turn into a bear. He get real, real mad, so I keep sayin’ it, Bear’dal, Bear’dal, he de new elf, de Bear’dal. Den he get so mad dat he send me out de group. So I guess de moral of de story be dat I shouldn’t be callin’ an elf names. *grin*