Since I play on the Antonia Bayle server, there are always a lot of roleplay events going on. This is good, people enjoy them, they break up the monotony of raiding and adventuring, and they’re usually fun. One thing I’ve wondered, especially lately as a slew of new in-character bars and taverns have opened, is why the roleplay centers of the server (and possibly the game in general) have become so limited. The recent Unity Fair really showed the kind of things that can happen when people go “outside the bar” to create something fun. Outside should really be used a lot more in roleplay events…we could have poetry readings or short plays in front of scenic or inspiring spots, storytelling sessions amid the dunes of the Sinking Sands, or just a casual evening of ale and pig racing!

I understand why people gravitate to the roleplay bar, part of it is that people like to decorate their houses, and then be able to show them off. This is a natural instinct and setting up a roleplay bar is a perfect way to do it. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just that it’s a bit limiting. Personally, if I was going to make a roleplay venue, I’d like to do something like an Explorer’s Club, a grand old hall where people could get together to tell stories of their latest adventures. I think the idea of clubs or societies could be used more, it would give people a way to bond together outside of the guild system, and open up new avenues for roleplay. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a while for a sort of secret society, its main purpose would be as a roleplay element, but I think it would be neat that people from all over the place, raiding guilds or just starting out, as long as they are interested in roleplay, could join the Court of the Mask, or whatever, and have secret meetings in the moonlight, and plot some obscure revenge on someone. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?