Hallo dere!

I always like to be helpin’ peoples when I can, I don’ know why, it jus’ give me a good feelin’. Of course I jus’ be an ogre, not a healer or anythin’, so I can’t be bringin’ dem back to life or anythin’ like dat. Today I be fightin’ a little in de Darklight Wood, to help a friend of mine in de Raven Guard. It feel strange, I be workin’ at his level, so it real fun fightin’ things an’ bein’ able to do quests like dat. Plus dem monsters go down real fast! I invite a few other peoples dat I don’ know, an’ I help dem too, cause it be fun. I like bein’ powerful an’ goin’ on de raids, but sometimes it be jus’ as fun to help de younger characters, watchin’ dem learn der spells an’ all. Oh well, time for me to go!