Hallo dere!

I be away for a while, an’ be on a trip! Dis not really be an adventure tho, I jus’ goin’ on dis big sailin’ ship an’ see de world. Dere sure be a lot of strange places out dere, an’ sometimes it nice to see dem when you not got to kill anyone.  Of course, dis one time some sailors take a look at me, I don’ know if dey not like de ogres or jus’ be drunk, but dey try to kill me! I give dem some headaches tho, an’ one got a nice new scar. Mebbe it make him look more like a pirate. I like dose pirates, they got de good life, sittin’ on de beach an’ sailin’ around in ships, an’ mebbe singin’ some de pirate songs, those be real fun! Lot of chests an’ de rum an’ all dose tings.  Anyway, I be back now an’ be writin’ some more!