Hallo dere!

It be a little while since I be writin’ anyting here. Today I be walkin’ through de Freeport an’ tinkin’ bout some of my favorite places. I write about dem here, an’ mebbe you write bout some of yours if you like to.

I always like to go to my little room in de inn in Big Bend. It not real big, I guess you say it be cozy, but I like it, got all de tings I need, some music, lot of books an’ tings, an’ my pets, I got Ghosty, Lizzie, an’ Grabby. It a nice place to be thinkin’, or readin’, an’ get some peace an’ quiet. Mebbe one day I move to a bigger place, but I don’ know, I don’ need many tings, I be a simple ogre.

If I want little excitement, I go to de Sinkin’ Sands. I don’ know why people say dey be sinkin’, dey sound more like singin’ sands to me, with de wind blowin’ all de time. Dey be great! Dere big dunes, you can roll down dem, sand be flyin’ everwhere an’ you go real fast, it be real fun! Plus dere be pirates, an’ cliffs to climb, an’ lots of adventures! One time, I be walkin’, dis when I be lot younger, an’ I fall down dis real big hole! I grab onto de rocks or else I sure I die. I don’ know what be down dere but I bet it be sometin’ scary.

I really like dis place called Unrest. It dis funny old house dat way up in de hills, an’ it over de ocean. Dey got lot of mean an’ scary tings dere, but it fun to explore! You never know what gon’ happen in dat place, dere secret doors, an’ ghosts, an’ big funny tings walkin’ around. Dere even dis dorf in de basement, he a ghost dorf, I guess mebbe he live dere, an’ he not too happy I show up! Sometimes you get some real nice tings in dere, so dat be nice too! I like when people get some nice tings dat dey need.

One de prettiest places I ever see be de Isle of Mara. It real great place, it quiet, de people be real nice, an’ dey got pig races! One time, I bettin’ on dis pig, he run real fast, I gettin’ all excited, den at de last minute he see an old apple lyin’ to de side an’ he go runnin’ off de racin’ place an’ get dat apple! It pretty funny but I still sad dat I lost my money dere. It a real pretty place too, one time, some friends an’ I be explorin’ dere an’ we find dis little overlook, it one de prettiest places I ever see in all de adventures.

I guess dat all de places I think about for now. What some your places be?