A tool in EQ2 I think would be really amazing, though probably difficult to set up, would be a way for you to collect all the information on quests for each character you have, what they’ve completed, what they’ve started, what step they’re on, how many of X they need, into one file, and match it up with all your other characters. These days, when alt-itis has set in pretty badly for me, it’s getting hard to remember who’s done what quests and who needs to do what. For HQs this isn’t too hard, there’s various tools to track your progress. Even collection quests have trackers, something you could at least do on paper. But what about something that would work for all quests?

I guess my ideal would be a situation where someone said they’d be adventuring in Butcherblock, or Lavastorm, and your Super Quest Tracker Thingy ™ would tell you that characters X and Z would gain the most from quests there. Once you get past a few characters this kind of thing would be really cool.