I go on adventure with my friends from de Raven Guard yesterday, we fight in two dungeons, de first be de big Obelisk, dat in de Lesser Faydark. I don’ really like dat place, it scary. Dere lot of shadowmans in de place. Dey funny peoples, I first meet dem long, long time ago when I jus’ be startin’ out, an’ dey be in de Nektulos Forest. I think dey be spies, dey always whisperin’ tings, and talkin’ funny. I learn dere language, an’ dat when it really get scary.

Dem from a far-away place, I not know where, mebbe dey from de moon or somethin’. Dey be makin’ dese tings, robot tings, dat move around an’ try to kill you. Dey sort of like gnomes but de tings dey make kill you even MORE! I be glad I got de friends around cause it be real scary place in dat Obelisk, lot of shadows creepin’ around an’ dese fairies dat been captured or somethin’. We kill dem tho, an’ get some treasures. Mebbe one day I find out where dose shadowmans come from, but I jus’ an ogre, an’ not know lot about dem.