Lot of people be thinkin’ dat ogres only drink de Oggok Swill, or other real bad tings. It not true! Now de Oggok Swill, it be real popular, it de drink of choice in de poor places of de city, de Big Bend, Carver’s Alley, places where de people got no hope an’ just be needin’ somethin’ cheap to get dem through de day. Some ogres tho, dey drink other tings. I tried de ale, Tier’dal wine, an’ other tings. With ogres, it be hard to umm..be pretentious, dat be de word? Ogres not be dumb, but we mostly be real honest bout tings, so if we not like somethin’, we say it!

De reason I like de Oggok Swill on adventures tho, be dat it come in dis real hard clay jug. If monster come flyin’ at me, I bash him on de head with de jug, an’ down he go!