You already heard from Anakh. The idea with this blog is that sometimes I will post Anakh’s thoughts, in-character, and sometimes it will be me, his player, just rambling about my other adventures in EQ2. I don’t promise any great revelations here but hopefully it will be fun!

Anakh is my only level 70 character but I have many other alts that I’ve been experimenting with lately. Just recently I got a second account and have been experimenting with two boxing. I’ve been using troll berserker Mukmuk and ratonga inquisitor Dessi. Mukmuk was a troll I played sometimes in EQ1, in fact some of Anakh’s personality traits have been inherited from good old Muk. Basically I played him for comedy value as a friendly, naive troll, and had a lot of fun with him.

I’ve been kicking around the pair of them in Darklight woods, and today I ran into some alts of Sassaii, raid leader of The Lykosian Order and someone I’ve raided a bit with as Anakh. She’s really nice but unfortunately I had to end our group after only a little while of killing vampires and werewolves.